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    1.Whether MK has its own technology and warehouse?

    Yes,We have our own technology and warehouse.MK EECP designed by engineer Dr.zhou,who is a cardiologist with more than 20 years experience in EECP.In 1995’s when Dr.zhou was a student of Pro.Zheng zhen sheng,the father of EECP.Dr.zhou participated in the design and development of EECP MC-3 with Pro.Zheng and exported to Vasomedical.

    External counterpulsation therapy

    2.Whether MK EECP machine accept payment by installment?

    Yes,In order to relieve capital stress of EECP heart centers and help MK EECP distributors with EECP promotion,MK ECP machine accept payment by installment.For more details about installment payment,please contact us through our whatsApp:+86-13510907401

    3.Does MK EECP machine approvel CE,ISO13485?

    Yes,MK EECP machine approved CE and ISO13485 certificates.The certificate is valid until:10 January,2019.

    ECP therapy

    4.What other advantages of MK EECP machine except installment payment?

    1)QRS trigger technology is the key technology to a EECP machine.According to a ECG wave,when begin to inflate and deflate,which is very important to patient’s health and EECP treatment effect.MK EECP machine with the most accurate QRS trigger technology.It’s calculated by our engineer Dr.zhou,who studied for his Ph.D during 1995 and 1998 with Pro.zheng zhen sheng as his tutor.Majoy in Cardiovascular and biomedical engineering.From 1995 he begin to doing EECP research.With more than 20 years experience in EECP.

    2)Quick reponse after-sales service:

    Any problems about the machine we will reponse within 2 hours.If neccessary,we will provide on-site maintenance.We enjoying good reputation for our excellent service.

    5.Warranty of MK EECP machine:

    MK EECP provide 1 year free warranty and lifetime maintenance.

    6.Measurement and weight of MK EECP machine:

    Measurement of MK external counterpulsation ECP:190cm(L)x80cm(W)x68cm(H)

    Net weight of MK external enhanced counterpulsation:220KG

    Diamention with wooden packing:206cm(L)x96cm(W)x95cm(H)

    Gross Weight:230KG