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    Heart Care EECPS machine for angina popular in Hospital / Clinic

    Heart Care EECPS machine for angina popular in Hospital / Clinic
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    Heart Care EECP machine for angina popular in Hospital / Clinic

    What’s EECP:

    EECP is a non-invasive nonsurgical treatment for angina pectoris by increasing coronary blood flow in ischemic areas of the heart.EECP encourages blood vessels to open small channels around the narrowed or blocked arteries which eventually become”natural bypass” vessels to provide blood flow to heart muscle that will relieve or eliminate angina.It’s also widely used in coronary heart disease,male functional sexual dysfunction,early high blood diseases,high blood sugar and poor blood circulation caused vertigo,dizziness,cervical spondylosis and physical fatigue.

    It’s popular installed in rehabilitation centres,fitness clubs,heart clinics,and hospitals.

    Typical benefits for the heart diseases patients(coronay artery diseases,stroke,heart failure):
    1.Decrease in chest pain
    2.Reduction in the use of medication
    3.Ability to enjoy a more independently mobile and active lifestyle
    4.Better blood circulation

    EECP indications:

    1.Cardiovascular disease:

    1)Stable angina

    2)Unstable angina

    3)Recovery period of acute myocardial infarction

    4)After coronary artery bypass surgery

    5)Coronary heart disease and ischemic heart failure



    2.Cerebrovascular diseases:

    1)Cerebral arteriosclerosis

    2)Transient cerebral ischemia

    3)Vascular dementia

    4)Vertebral-basilar artery blood supply insufficiency

    5)Ischemic stroke

    3.Rehabilitation treatment:

    1)Ear-nose-throat department:Sudden deafness in the elderly

    2)Psychiatry:Severe insomnia

    3)Geriatrics:Rehabilitation and treatment of cardio-cerebrovascular ischemic diseases in recovery period

    4)Endocrine department:Treatment of diabetes and ischemic eye disease,Kidney,etc.

    5)Digestive department:Improve the liver microcirculation,treatment of intractable constipation

    6)Pediatrics:Rehablitation and treatment of Children with Cerebral palsy.

    7)Sub-health:Improve the microcirculation of whole body.Especially for the “three high diseases”,lack of exercises,obesity and other sub-health groups.

    8)Rehablitation and treatment of musculoskeletal disorder

    9)Rehablitation and treatment of male sexual dysfunction


    Product Description

    1.Real-time ECG and SpO2 monitor function during treatment,showing the D/S ratio,intuitive observation of treatment effect.

    2.It adopts integration of machinery (All-in-one) design for easy operation and installation
    3.Easy and simple operation interface by clicking the touch screen 
    4.Compact design to save space, luxury and gracious appearance.
    5.The air compressor adopted in the machine is Thomas sliding vane rotary vacuum pump which is made in Germany, low noise and durable(with a lifespan more than 10,000 hours)
    6.Taiwan Delta inverter adopted which is good at speed regulating, automatically traced on the basis of the patients ECG data, controls the gas production of the air compressor in real-time so as to conserve energy and protect environmental in maximum.
    7. The angle of the backrest can be adjusted on the basis of patient’s physiological situation.
    8.Product approved CE,SFDA and ISO13485 Certificate.
    9.Imported from Japan electromagnetic valve with excellent characteristics of inflation and deflation.
    10.Advanced technology in after-sales service and patient protection.
    11. It adopts special noise reduction and heat dissipation system?
    12.Adjustable pressure and the time of inflation and deflation.


    1.Advanced software technology to ensure excellent after-sales service:
    1)Our machine had finished REMOTE DIAGNOSIS fuctions.That means the machine you bought if you have any software problems in your city, we could help you to check and repair it in our factory. It’s a big innovation in EECP after-sales service fields , Fortunately we are the ONLY ONE have this technology in the world.
    2)Free of charge for software upgrading
    2.Imported compressor,inverter and electromagnetic valve adopted to build a durable and stable machine.
    3.Our chief engineer Dr.Zhou is a leading authority cardiologist,one of the pioneer in EECP,his teacher Dr.Zhen Sheng Zheng is the father of EECP and invited by Vasomedical to lead the research of Vasomedical early period machines. 
    4.Stable and durable Industrial Personal Computer adopted
    5.Stable software system:Embedded software system adopted
    6.High efficiency cuffs for power-saving:low pressure can generate higher effect.
    7.Compact design to save space

    Packaging & Shipping

    1.Wooden packaging

    2.Wooden case size:206cm(L)x96cm(W)x95cm(H)


    4.Shipping by sea,air or express

    Company Information

    MK Technologies Co.,Ltd is a manufactuer specialized in research,development and production of EECP machine since 2004.The company dedicated to independent research and cooperatation with Sun Yat-sen university for EECP.Based on its advanced technology,competitive price and excellent after-sales service.Omay EECP selling very well both at home and abroad, and enjoying high reputation in India,Maylaysia,New Zealand,Bangladesh,Lebanon and so on.


    “Customer first,quality foremost” is our objective since establishment.Our company is equipped with professioanl design team,experienced management,excellent after-sales service,R&D and QC.All producing process strictly follows the ISO9001 quality standards and our EECP got CE,ISO13485,SFDA and Free sale certificates.


    Our chief engineer Dr.Zhou,a leading authoriry in Cardiology,is the new pioneer in developing the EECP,who has spent more than 20years in it.Besides,Omay EECP with remote diagnosis function which enable us to providing best after-sales service to customers.


    Advanced technology,competitive price and high quality accessories imported from Germany,Japan make Omay the best choice for you.


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