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    EECPS Medical device Painless for heart attack from MK factory

    EECPS Medical device Painless for heart attack from MK factory
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    EECP Medical device Painless for heart attack from Omay factory

    Product Description




    How it works:
    While EECP is performed,you will be lying on a bed wearing a series of pressure cuffs around calved,lower thighs and upper thighs.The EECP system includes a pressure source that inflates and deflates these cuffs, the pressure moves the blood from your lower limbs toward the heart.Each wave of pressure is timed with your heartbeat via ECG signal.So that the increased blood flow is delivered to your heart at the precise moment when heart relaxing.When the heart pumps again,the pressure in cuffs is withdrawn immediately.This lowers resistance in your legs so that blood pumped more easily from the heart.


    EECP therapy benefit:
    Typical benefits for the heart diseases patients(coronay artery diseases,stroke,heart failure):
    1.Decrease in chest pain
    2.Reduction in the use of medication
    3.Ability to enjoy a more independently mobile and active lifestyle
    4.Better blood circulation

    Patient protection:
    It adopts patient protection system, it will automatically protect the patients by stopping air compressor and at the same time deflation.Followings(but not limited) will active the protection system:
    1.Press emergency button(actuated by patient)
    2.An early extra systole,
    3.Pressure of compressor exceed the max pressure we set(this max pressure can be customized as per request)
    4.Heart rate timeout
    5.Heart rate goes out of range,
    6.power outage occurs.


    Packaging & Shipping

    1.Wooden packaging

    2.Shipping by sea,air or express

    Our Services

    1.We provide 1 year warranty and training how to operate and install machine.

    2.Excellent after-sales service:

    Our machine had finished REMOTE DIAGNOSIS fuctions.That means the machine you bought if you have any software problems in your city, we could help you to check and  repair it in our factory.

    2)Free of charge for software upgrading



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