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    advanced intelligent EECPS machine with price for coronary artery disease

    advanced intelligent EECPS machine with price for coronary artery disease
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    advanced intelligent EECP machine with price for coronary artery disease


    EECP ?

    • EECP stands for Enhanced External CounterPulsation Therapy.
    • It’s a new method to relieve heart pain by creating new vessels(collaterals) in the heart by pushing blood into the heart.
    • EECP helps grow new collaterals for blood to flow, like a natural bypass around blocked arteries.
    • EECP is a non-invasive treatment.


    EECP machine is widely used in coronary heart disease, male sexual dysfunction, early high blood diseases, high blood sugar and poor blood circulation caused vertigo, dizziness, cervical spondylosis and physical fatigue.

    It’s popular installed in rehabilitation centres, fitness clubs, nursing home, heart clinics and hospitals.


    Omay EECP machine adopts the technology of microcomputer monitoring, and combines the technology of software development, automatic control theory, which promote the performance of the device.

    Its main characteristics are:

    • All the control in the therapeutic process is executed by the computer(automatic therapeutic), which simplify the operating process.
    • The patients ECG and sphygmosignal are processed by special module. It uses the wiring installation designed for EMI, with excellent circuit performance, high stability, strong capability of anti-interference.
    • High-quality parts and components are used in all the internal solenoid and air-compressor, which ensures the reliability of the whole device.
    • It uses touch screen LCD, which is harmless to the operators. Besides, the whole display area can not only show ECG, pulse, waveform, but also show the pressure wave in the treatment, and can freeze down the wave for observation without affecting the treatment process.
    • It can automatically measure and calculate the ratio of diastole wave and the ratio of area in the counterpulsation, and can display simultaneously to help evaluate, analyze and summary the effect of counterpulsation.
    • It has a variety of auto-safety protection. When the heart rate of patients grow too fast or slow, the pulsation is too early, or the exhaust is too late due to the inappropriate regulation, it can adopt protective measure to prevent the patients from being hurt.
    • The cuffs of counterpulsation bed adopt the Siamese-style design based on the curve of human body. The connection of cuffs and bed relies on the poison-free, wear-resistance tube and non-toxic non-metallic joints. It is simple and fast to install and uninstall the tube and cuff, which is convenient for the operator to maintenance.
    • Inside of counterpulsaton bed use the shakeproof and noisedamping device. It runs smoothly and quietly.


    • Real-time ECG and Sp02 monitor function during treatment, showing the D/S ratio, intuitive observation of treatment effect.
    • It adopts scientific designed system to reduce noise and heat, Noise lower than 70Db.
    • The deflation and inflation time can be adjustable based on different patients.
    • User friendly interface to provide operators with clear one page touch-screen manual operation.
    • All-in-one design EECP machine with wheels for easy transportation and mobility.
    • High efficiency cuffs for energy-saving: low pressure can generate high treatment effect.
    • Stable and durable industrial personal computer adopted.
    • Stable software system: Embedded software system, virus can’t attack.
    • The angle of the backrest can be adjusted on the basis of patient’s physiological situation.
    • With customer management system, can save and print out each patients data.
    • With”demonstrate function”, automatically check whether all systems are properly working before doing treatment for patients.
    • Got CE, ISO13485, CFDA, Free Sales certificates.



    • Compressor adopted is Gardner Denver imported from Germany, stable and durable. with a lifetime more than 50,000 hours.
    • Magnetic valves we are using is special R&D for EECP with quick response, low temperature and low noise when working, lifetime more than 25,000 hours.
    • Copper fastener instead of screw thread connector which is good for installation and durable.
    • Steel wire reinforced tube can minimize the losses of pressure and with longer lifetime.
    • Handheld emergency button for the convenience of patients touching and stopping the machine when an emergency.
    • Excellent performance and low failure rate, the constant maintenance is not needed.


    Technical Parameter:

    ECG Amplifier: Input impedance: >2MΩ
    Common-mode rejection ratio: >80dB
    Bandwidth: 1-20 Hz on display
    SpO2 Oxygen Saturation:  Oxygen saturation range: 0 to 100%
    Accuracy SpO2 (±1 Saturation Deviation)
    60-100% ± 2 digits for adults using the Finger Clip Sensor
    60-100% ± 3 digits for adults using Flex or Reflectance Sensor
    60-100% ± 4 digits using Ear Clip Sensor
    Triggering Method: External trigger: R-wave of patient ECG
    External trigger ratio: 1:1 or 1:2
    ECG triggers range: 35-125 ± 1 bpm
    Filter Technique:

    Low-pass digital filter eliminates 50/60Hz and high-frequency interference

    Treatment Pressure Range: Adjust from 5-400 mm Hg
    Cuffs: 1 Set–Calves, lower thighs, and upper thigh/buttocks
    Treatment Session Time Setting:

    Set treatment time from 5 to 120 minutes maximum. System automatically stop when set time expires.

    System Protection: Three circuit breakers -Mains and Compressor, and an emergency stop button.
    Electrical Performance:  Power Requirements:
    220V±22V AC, 50/60Hz, Input power: 1200VA
    System Dimension: Dimension: 2000mm×800mm×700mm
    Net Weight: 180 kg
    Operating Environment: Temperature 50 to 95 (10°C to 35°C )
    Relative Humidity <80% (no condensation)
    Atmospheric Pressure 700 to 1060 hPa
    Atmospheric Free of corrosives gas
    Transport and Storage Environment: Temperature -40 to 131 (-40 °C to 55°C)
    Relative Humidity <95% (no condensation)
    Atmospheric Pressure: 500 to 1060 hPa
    Atmospheric Free of corrosive gas




    1. We provide 1 year warranty and training how to operate and install machine.

    2. Excellent after-sales service:

    1)Our machine had finished REMOTE DIAGNOSIS functions.That means if the machine you bought with any software problems in your city, we can help to check and repair it in our factory.

    2)Free of charge for software upgrading in lifetime.



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